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  • Playbook #4: Security (coming soon)

    Playbook #4: Security (coming soon)

    Part 1: Top 5 Biggest Mistakes in Startup Security If you’re in B2B SaaS, customers expect the same security from you whether you’re a startup, or a full-blown bank. So how do you get started? Here’s the Top 5 mistakes you can avoid right from Day 1, that will get you on the right track. […]

  • Playbook #3: Offshoring

    Playbook #3: Offshoring

    Part 1: Top 5 Biggest Mistakes Setting Up Offshore Teams There’s so many options and inbound emails/LinkedIn to consider, so let’s cut through the noise and figure how to decide quickly and effectively.  We’ll focus on top mistakes to avoid, how to select a vendor, team composition, and contracting clauses that affect how you work […]

  • Playbook #2: Go To Market Pricing

    Playbook #2: Go To Market Pricing

    Part 1: Top 5 Biggest Mistakes in Startup SaaS Pricing Your SaaS pricing is critical not only to your fundraising efforts, but to keep yourself afloat in between funding rounds.  BUT, this isn’t something to wait until Series A to start thinking about, this mindset & approach matters right from Day 1. #1. Subscriptions vs. […]

  • Playbook #1: Exits

    Playbook #1: Exits

    Part 1: Top 5 Biggest Mistakes When Selling Your Startup Know what to expect when you’re selling your startup, and the Top 5 biggest mistakes Founders make when going through their first exit. #1. Changing the Economics. #2. Lying or Overestimating. #3. Lawyers. #4. Business Clauses vs. Legal Clauses. #5. Founder Self Interest. Part 2: […]