Our in-house teams are hand-picked, hands-on operators, and have done this before.

Expertise Areas:
AWS, Security CISO, CTO, M&A.

Executives in Residence

Steve Henry

Steve Henry

Founder of ScalePoynt

Capital, M&A, Exits


GTM, Scaling

Steve helps you make the most critical decisions can make or break a company.

  • Exit planning, M&A negotiation & consolidation.
  • Hands-on CTO & CISO.
  • Sector specialization in B2B SaaS, Enterprise, Fintech, InsurTech, MarTech.
John Maden

John Maden

Veteran Debt Financier

Debt Financing

Capital Structure

John helps you access and structure mature, creative capital options, regardless of the size of your business.

  • Debt financing.
  • Corporate & capital structure.
  • M&A structuring.
Jeremy Strapko

Jeremy Strapko

Ex-Founder & Entrepreneur



Jeremy brings the experience of founding companies before, and helping new ones roll out their marketing strategy.

  • Founder experience and soundboarding.
  • Marketing strategy & implementation.
Adam White

Adam White

Hands-on VP Engineering

VP Engineering

Mentor & Coach

Adam is a hands-on tech leader that knows quickly level up and mature technology platforms & teams that have hit a wall.

  • Tech architecture.
  • Engineering team mentorship, coaching, and culture.
  • Product-driven mindset.
VP Engineering

Osa Igbinosun

Hands-on VP Engineering

VP Engineering


Osa is a hands-on tech leader that has taken his teams from early stage to scale. Bring him in when you want to get serious, motivate the team, and set milestones you’ll actually hit.

  • Tech architecture.
  • Engineering team mentorship, coaching, and culture.
  • Milestone outcomes.
Jason Meltzer

Jason Meltzer

Hands-on COO

GTM & Growth

Product Leadership

Jason is a high energy COO that knows how get to know your customer, take your product to market, and actually scale it with unit economics to support future fundraises & profitability.

  • Go-to-market
  • Sales strategy, unit economics, budgeting
  • Product-market fit, branding

Senior Talent

David Duong

David Duong

AWS Solution Architect & DevOps Engineer.

AWS Cloud

CI/CD DevOps


David is your go-to guy for architecture, setting up and running your AWS infra.

  • AWS infrastructure in Terraform.
  • Fully automated CI/CD.
  • Security, scalability, cost management.
  • 5x AWS certified.
Andrew den Hertog

Andrew den Hertog

AWS Solution Architect & DevOps Engineer.

AWS Cloud

CI/CD DevOps


Andrew is your AWS expert, and high-scale Kubernetes specialist.

  • AWS infrastructure in Terraform.
  • Fully automated CI/CD.
  • Kubernetes, high scale infrastructure & monitoring.


AWS Solution Architect & DevOps Engineer.

AWS Cloud

CI/CD DevOps


Sam is your AWS professional for setup, management, and architecture of your infra.

  • AWS infrastructure in Terraform.
  • Fully automated CI/CD.
  • Security, scalability, cost management.
Jonathan Brent

Jonathan Brent

Creative Director

Founder Stories

Video Creation

Articles & Blogs

Jonathan is our creative wizard for any video content. When you need an authentic story told, he makes is genuine, comfortable, and concise.

  • Creative direction.
  • Video narrative & recording.
  • Compelling stories, articles, blogs.
Kristoffer Winberg

Kristoffer Winberg

Senior UX/UI Designer

UX/UI Design

Pitch Decks


Kristoffer makes your company and your pitch look professional, clean, and sophisticated.

  • Pitch deck UI design.
  • Website design and development.

Sunil Kumar

Senior Salesforce Developer


SF Integrations

SF Custom Dev

Sunil is your Salesforce lead that understands pragmatic  SF implementations, and builds with quality.

  • Salesforce architecture & development.
  • Salesforce Lighting, Experiences (Communities), custom dev, integrations.
Holt Mansfield

Holt Mansfield

Senior Front-End Developer

Team Lead


Holt is a strong dev team leader, as well as a wizard of the front-end.  When you want things done right, Holt is your guy.

  • ReactJS and CSS front-end development.
  • Intricate design implementation, responsive, complex data models.

Pankaj Bhatt

Senior Full Stack Developer



Pankaj is your seasoned full stack developer that just loves to code, and puts best practices into everything that he does.

  • NodeJS back-end development.
  • ReactJS and CSS front-end development.

How We Work

We take the place of some of your most expensive and hard to find roles.  We start immediately, operate as part of your team, and provide our own oversight and leadership.

We operate in our own sprint cadence, so you can see and track all the work being done (same as you would for your own teams).

To keep everyone aligned and informed, we also provide a roadmap and monthly executive updates.

We essentially take private equity concepts of repeatable playbooks (templates + expertise), and apply it in a venture-friendly way that integrates naturally into your startup.


Monthly executive updates & roadmaps

Build it, maintain it, grow it

Expertise Areas

Most venture founders we find are very strong at their Product and knowing their Customer – after all, that’s why you started your business in the first place. 

We bring that same level of expertise to your Operations and Capital Structure, making your business not just “a good idea”, but a very attractive investment.


Fundraising & Exits

Equity & Exits

Investor Readiness

Fundraising success is all about showing up prepared and professional.  As part of executive engagements, we help you understand the exact targets you need to hit, by stage, to be investable, simplify a clear narrative, get your pitch decks & diligence ready.  Then also ensure you’re hitting clear operating metrics along the way, and have a staffing plan to executive on immediately upon close.  We’re best at staffing key roles to you can hit the ground running post-close; and planning & finding eventual exits for you.

Debt Financing

Capital, Debt

Corporate Structure

Equity is meant for building dreams, not for buying assets; and for some near-profitable ventures, possibly bridging growth.  If you’re a fit, we’ll bring you real lending options from high quality lending sources (no sleazy lenders; real banks, proper agreements), and advise you on the corporate structure to support it.

GTM, Pricing, Modeling


Scalability, Pricing

One of the single biggest challenges we see is setting up scalable pricing, and segmentation strategy for your GTM.  If you want to raise now, unit economics and margins matter.  We’ll help you build a tangible GTM plan you can sell & scale on, aim towards profitability, and be setup for long-term Y-o-Y growth multiple your valuation expects.


Fractional Execs

Hands-On Leadership


Our bench of executives and ex-founders are available to augment your C-Suite.  When you “need someone that has done this before, and is still hands-on”, that’s our sweet spot.  We focus on:

  • CTO (leader or mentor)
  • COO (scale, $ planning, discipline)
  • CISO (security)


AWS DevOps

AWS Cloud

Scalability, Reliability

Cloud infrastructure is the foundation your platform and entire engineer team operate on.  When it is done right, you have a scalable, reliable platform for your customers; demo environments & security for sales; and clean & automated to help engineer keep dev velocity up.  Don’t waste 6-9 months + recruiter fees; we have this down pat, are ready now, and act as part of your team to setup & run AWS infrastructure & CI/CD.

CISO & Cyber-Security


Sales Enablement

Sales should never be blocked by security.

Even worse, security diligence usually lands on the CEO or CTO, which is not where you want your time spend.

We come in as your acting CISO, manage your customer-facing security interactions, and rollout & long-term manage your entire security program (Technology, Corporate, & Customer-facing).

Offshoring & Vendors


Pre-Negotiated Cost

Hybrid approaches to development, both for cost and reliability of the team, is almost becoming the standard now.  However, offshores are hard to setup and assess for quality.  Work with our short list of proven offshore relationships.  We’ve pre-negotiated pricing, contracts, working hours, & security.  We’ll show you comparative strengths, and how to blend with local teams.


How do you work within our systems?

Everything is done in your systems and tools, same as your team would.  You fully own everything we produce, and we regularly document and check-in everything, to make sure its fully visible to your team.

Who owns the IP?

We work in your tools, and you own everything.  There’s no licensing or issues like that.

What does an engagement look like?

We work on long-term engagements (12-month contracts). We build, run, maintain, and grow the areas we provide expertise in.  Our primary goal is to take critical, infrastructural areas fully off your hands, allowing your team to focus on what matters most: product & customer.