Investment Pipeline

Our thesis is low volume, high quality, close relationships.


We are hands-on, active operators in our portfolio of ventures.  As they grow, they need capital and/or M&A.


We help them prep to understand and look exactly as they need to for that type of capital access.

What are we NOT?  We’re not deal scouts.  We don’t flip volumes of pitch decks.  You’ll hear from us maybe once per month or quarter, with a curated 1-pager of everything you would want to know to assess interest.


We only ask for two things:
1. When you present you with a venture we’re working with, tell us “is it a fit, or not“.
2. If it is a fit, either “let’s prepare for an introduction”, or, “if this number was here, we would be ready to invest”.
We take that feedback to our ventures, and help them look exactly how you’d want them when its time to have an investment discussion.

Early access to ventures that are being co-piloted and guided long-term for successful growth.  We help them understand what metrics matters, how to think about unit economics early on, how to present properly to investors, and we work with them to streamline the entire investing process (metrics, pitch, data room, contracting).  We believe there’s a better way to partner with your portfolio ventures; with this streamlined approach, we help keep your CEOs focused on running their business, rather than fundraising year-round.

We feel we’re doing our job when you get early access to only the investments you want to see, exactly the way you want to see them.  We’re not a high volume shop; actually quite the opposite.  We invest time into not just finding, but helping shape and mould high potential businesses, and only present them when they’re investment ready.

We focus on B2B ventures that are established, generating meaningful revenue, and have a path to profitability.
We’re not an early stage incubator or accelerator, there’s plenty of those out there.
With that said, if you are interested in a stronger relationship and have an aligned target investment-type in mind, let’s have a discussion.  We open to focusing more of our efforts around what our investors are most interested in.

We believe that “if both sides know exactly what each other wanted, all this could be done alot faster”.
We want to help you find a small number of high quality deals, shaped and ready for investment.   In return, we’re asking that you can free up time for our venture CEOs and make quick decisions, and go lead-to-close fast.  Then, once we’re in, be good long-term partners for the venture, board members, and future investors.  That’s all.

We currently do not charge investors for access to our Venture Portfolio Platform; we just ask for a commitment to our 30 min monthly or quarterly review portfolio review meetings (aka. pay with with your time). 

In terms of finders fees, we discuss introduction or investment incentives on an individual basis, ensuring we always comply with broker-dealer (exempt market dealer) regulations.  For Canada and USA, we partner with properly licenses broker-dealers; or may make our own small investments in ventures, and act to help them find subsequent investments as an investor.