AWS Cloud & DevOps

Hire you own core product development engineers in-house.
Bring in experts that have done this before to setup & run your cloud infrastructure & CI/CD.  We stay with you long-term, and act like part of your team.

Your cloud infrastructure & DevOps what we consider critical foundation for your Engineering Teams to build on, and Customers’ platform to rely on.

(a) setting up your dev team for success,
(b) having a scalable platform for your customers, and
(c) ensuring you can pass B2B enterprise security diligence questionnaires.

Round out your team with experts, and never worry about AWS, scalability, or security again.

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Start with fast, scalable, SOC-2 secure environments right from day 1.
Why can we do it faster or more reliably? Playbooks, templates, expertise.  We have 45 Terraform modules ready to go, and experts that can migrate your current setup into best-in-class, within 1-2 quarters.

AWS Management Includes:

Team Structure

We have a proven structure for the baseline of how we form our teams.
Our mains goals are to ensure you always have: senior expertise, availability/coverage, executive oversight.

Up to



30-50% discount for Pre-Seed & Seed stage venture that sign within 14 days, and potential later-stage discounts (smaller) that sign within 21 days.

We know cost matters to you – we can trade pricing for decision making speed. Win-win.

Senior Architect

Team Lead

You Team Lead is your primary point of contact for day-to-day operations.
This is a seasoned AWS veteran, fully hands-on, and helps plan your backlog.

Senior DevOps

Senior AWS

We prefer to always staff 2x AWS devs together, allowing for full annual coverage, and varying areas of expertise (eg. Terraform, CI/CD, Kubertnetes).


CTO Oversight

Every team comes with oversight from a former CTO. They ensure long-term mistakes are avoided, scalable & secure architecture reviews, and monthly executive updates.

What Do You Get From a ScalePoynt Delivery Partnership?

Check out our 90 sec overview of our approach to AWS Infrastructure & DevOps.

See how AWS can be one area you show with confidence to your customers, and never worry about again.

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1. Infrastructure

Scalable, secure infrastructure. Right from day 1.

Everything is automated using Terraform templates.
We use our customer templates so we can stand up our infrastructure as fast as possible, tailor them to your platform, and “do it right the first time”.
Separate environments per AWS account; private subnets; end-to-end encryption; managed services; automated backups; auto-scaling, key management, the works.

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2. Environments & Regions

Clear separation of environments is key — both for security diligence / SOC-2, and day-to-day disciplined development.
We setup separate AWS accounts per environment (100% isolation); Terraformed infrastructure so everything is guaranteed to be structurally identical; cost management with reduced instance sizing in lower environments.
Since everything is done in Terraform, if you have to start running multi-region (eg. GDPR), you’re already setup to go, since your environments are fully codified in Terraform. (it’s still not easy, but you’re prepared)

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3. Security

50% of security diligence and SOC-2 refer to your platform (the vast majority of which is infrastructure & hosting related).
When DevOps is done correctly, and templated from the start, you get all these for free.
Encryption, BCP/DR, backup & recovery, IAM & RBAC roles, SSO login, WAF firewall, etc.

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4. Executive Updates

It’s nice to hear a great pitch, but it’s not very useful unless you can explain it to both engineering, product & the executive team the work that is going on?
We provide monthly updates for the Rollout Phase, Monthly Sprints, as well a 12-month Quarterly DevOps Roadmap. And they’re written in a way that anyone in the org can read and understand.

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Delivery Team

Meet some of our technical architects and team leads that will be in charge of designing and running your AWS infrastructure.  With ScalePoynt, team & culture matters — to operate as “an extension of your team”, we bring DevOps culture and mentorship as well.

David Duong

David Duong

David is your go-to guy for architecture, setting up and running your AWS infrastructure.

Andrew den Hertog

Andrew Den Hertog

Andrew is your AWS expert, and high-scale Kubernetes specialist.



Sam is your AWS professional for setup, management, and architecture of your infra.

Hear From Your Fellow Founders

Feel free to chat us up on the real, long-term relationships we have that build out more than just AWS, but blended into their culture and inspired confidence in their fellow team members & customers.

“ScalePoynt brought to me the highest level of efficiency I could get, and peace of mind during my off-time.”

Osazee Igbinosun

Osazee Igbinosun


Osazee Igbinosun
Play Video about Osazee Igbinosun

“The best thing thing to do is just take the trusted recommendation of people who have gone through that process before.”

Aly Dhalla

Aly Dhalla

CEO & Co-Founder, Finaeo

Aly Dhalla
Play Video about Aly Dhalla

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything is done in your systems and tools, same as your team would. You fully own everything we produce, and we regularly document and check-in everything, to make sure its fully visible to your team.

You own everything. There’s no licensing or issues like that.

We work on long-term engagements (12-month contracts). We build, run, maintain, and grow the areas we provide expertise in. Success for us means taking an expertise area fully off your hands, allowing your team to focus where they need to be: on product & customer.

Yes, we operate in monthly Sprints. We run our Sprints in your tools and systems (eg. JIRA, Confluence, Asana, Slack), but do separate sprint planning and updates from your dev teams (to keep things streamlined and efficient).

First, everything is always in your tools and systems, the same way the rest of your team operates. So you can always check and see everything yourself.
Second, Sprint items are grouped together to produce release notes. Third, we provide a 1-pager executive update every month, and an annual plan (issued quarterly), readable by anyone within your organization.

We price our team members the same way you build your operating plans for FTE hires (intentionally), with fixed monthly costs.  We work long-term with you, with renewable 12-month agreements, and clear ownership & accountability.  You can expect pricing similar to what you’d see in the market, if you were to try and hire yourself (with the exception of special pricing for early stage qualified ventures, where we significantly outperform market on pricing while you close your next round).

Bring in the professionals.
Solve DevOps & Cloud once and for all.

Book a free AWS review.