“Get the executive help you need. One bite at a time.”

Active Advisor.

Early Stage Founders deserve access to the help they need.

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How We Help Early Stage Founders

Many Founders tell us they’re overwhlemed with generic advice from “passive advisors”.
Who is your Active Advisor, that actually knows your business?

Sales Sales Sales.

That’s why we’re doing it.
B2B customers expect it. Full stop.

Sheldon Brow

Why does Security matter to the Business?

Sheldon Brow, CEO (FinTech)

We’re here to help — one month at a time.


What is the biggest problem you’re working on right now?

Steve Henry, Founder & CEO







How To Get Started

Pick what you need, when you need it. “A la carte” executive support.
* Early Stage offers subject to individual approval, & only available to startups with: Less than 20 headcount & raised < $3M.

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Ask a Founder

Looking to get through that next big raise?
Our Portfolio Founders share what they valued most, at these critical early stages.

“Don’t devalue your time by trying to do it yourself.”

Sheldon Brow

Sheldon Brow

Founder & CEO,
Pocket Finance

Sheldon Brow
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“If you show up like every other startup, you’re going to get treated like every other startup.  It’s going to be long cycles. And security & compliance is going to block you.”

Aly Dhalla

CEO & Co-Founder, Finaeo

Aly Dhalla
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FAQ: The Little Details That Matter

Typically, less than 20 headcount & less than $3M raised. If you’re unsure, feel free to ask.

We find that Founders top priorities often shift every month.
So, as ex-Founders, we intentionally built this to suit those needs.

Typically, you pick 1 focus area per month (eg. go to market pricing), and we work on that. Next month, its either still going, or something else needs attention (eg. fundraising).

Openly, we do this to “invest our time” early in a few startup (& their Founders) that we think will be successful.
This stage isn’t profitable for us (obviously), but everyone at ScalePoynt is an operator at heart, and we’d be hands-on help you grow, then sending sales decks back and forth.

Our goal is to help get you through your first sizeable fundraise, at which point the Early Stage Advisor program ends, and you have the option to add a ScalePoynt Team, and join our portfolio.

We’re in it for the long-term, we hope you are too.