Executive CISO:

“Never worry about security again”.

Enterprise customers expect you to look and feel like they do.
But as a startup, you don’t have the time, budget, or (likely) the expertise to do that.

We do.  And we have templated & built our models to fit exactly for what startups need.

We setup, rollout, and manage security 100%, from start to finish.
– Processes and procedures
– Technology infrastructure
– Customer-facing & questionnaires

Don’t buy anything, don’t start anything.  Just call us.
We’ve got this covered from top to bottom.

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Download our free whitepaper on how setup SOC-2 ready security programs. See the difference this makes to your customers see you “not as a startup, but as a professional organization”. 

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Security in B2B startups is typically necessary to close sales — but it’s not necessary to do it yourself.

Our rollout includes: 122 tasks, 70 SIG Lite pages, 18 processes & procedures, 21 quarterly ongoing tasks — plus managing diligence questionnaires that average 130 questions each.

CISO Security Includes:

Team Models

Up to



Up to 70% discount for Pre-Seed & Seed stage venture that sign within 14 days.  We take on up to 5 early stage “high potential” ventures at a highly discounted rate, with the goal of helping through their active funding round, and immediately kicking off together post-raise.

Early Stage CISO

Highly Discounted CISO offering for Seed or
Pre-Seed startups if closing a round in less than 9 months.  Goal is to start early with you, get you through a fundraise, and kickoff full CISO model immediately post-raise.


CISO to setup and fully manage internal and customer-facing security.  Think of it like another power-house executive in your C-Suite.



Complete DevSecOps offering, since half of security is platform-related. CISO to setup and fully manage security; coupled with our AWS Cloud offering to setup and manage your secure AWS infrastructure & DevOps. 

What Do You Get From an Executive CISO?

See our talk on how, as a CISO, we rapidly setup security programs for startups.
We also chat about the Security Top 10, to help you get going in the right direction, but not overwhelmed by compliance initiatives.

SIG Lite

SIG Lite

Your 60+ page “Security Bible” for your complete security posture.

Rollout Plan

Rollout Plan

Clearly defined Assessment, Rollout, and Ongoing Security tasks.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Templated architecture in Terraform for your SaaS platform’s environment’s, infrastructure & CI/CD.

Customer CISO

Customer CISO

Customer-facing CISO for any and all security discussions, website security page, and security questionnaires with clear SLAs.

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Delivery Team

Meet some of our hands-on, technical executives, and AWS cloud experts that will be your fully trusted owners of security.  We will take your through a light-weight but complete process, and build security & best practices into your org.

Our goal is to make security & compliance not a nuisance, but rather efficient best practices that helps you operate faster, more streamlined, and unblocks your sales team.

Steve Henry

Steve Henry

Steve is your executive owner for security and CISO, giving your customers that boost in confidence in your org.

David Duong

David Duong

David sets up and runs your AWS Cloud & DevOps to match the expectations in your security processes & procedures.



Sam is your AWS professional for setup, management, and architecture of your infra.

Hear From Your Fellow Founders

Trust is a big step to develop, with the best new relationships often starting from recommendations and referrals.

But there’s alot more to gain than just “security”.  Hear some stories on the benefits of how “looking professional to your customers” make an amplified difference in how you’re perceived.

“If you show up like every other startup, you’re going to get treated like every other startup.  It’s going to be long cycles. And security & compliance is going to block you.”

Aly Dhalla

CEO & Co-Founder, Finaeo

Aly Dhalla
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“I enjoyed working with Steve and valued the leadership and confidence he instilled for our company with the market very much.”


Ron Benegbi

Founder & CEO, Uplinq

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“ScalePoynt helped us complete our first security questionnaire for a large insurance company and implement security best practices.”


Jennifer Good

CEO, Co-Founder, Peacefully

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Hard no. Trust that you’re bringing in experts that know what they’re doing, and they’ve done this before. We have templates and approaches for everything. Think of it like sending in a SWAT Team – we come in efficient, organized, and on a mission; we’ll let you know when you’re needed. 🙂

We believe that if a CEO “has 5 problems, we’d like to make it 4”. We act as an executive function within your ogranization, and run this top to bottom. Our goal is to free up your teams’ time, and make this as light-weight and easy as possible. There are a few others in the market, whereas we find they provide “support” and “options on how to approach it” – we are of the belief that “you’re not looking for help, you’re looking to make this problem go away”

We work on long-term engagements (12-month contracts). We build, run, maintain, and grow the areas we provide expertise in. Success for us means taking an expertise area fully off your hands, allowing your team to focus where they need to be: on product & customer.

These tools have value, but they do not “build your security program”. They can help streamline an audit, once your entire program is in place. They also require a lot of expertise for “tuning”, as they are very opinionated (since algorithmic), which creates additional work an overhead. There is a time and place for them, but we do not recommend that at the start.

We act as part of your executive org structure, and are your customer-facing point person for anything security related. For security positioning, questions, questionnaires, and even security-related guidance in contracts. It’s not always required, but we find it goes a long way in your sales cycles when your customers see you’ve invested in a CISO; and the trust it can instill in your overall company (beyond just security), with professional executive presence, can be genuinely meaningful.

Security is a sales problem, not a compliance problem.
Bring in a CISO to unblock your sales, and free up your CTO.

Book your free security discussion.