Executive CTO. Establish immediate trust in your technology choices, roadmap delivery, and scalability.

We have a few ways to augment or run your executive technology leadership with proven executives that “know what right looks like“, and “have done this before“. We can step in to lead, or help level up your existing technology leadership in a meaningful, hands-on way.

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CTO Leadership Includes:

Leadership Models

Up to



30-50% discount for Pre-Seed & Seed stage venture that sign within 4 weeks. We know cost matters to you – we can trade pricing for speed of execution. Win-win.

Executive CTO

Executive CTO

Hands-on engineering leadership, but existing team runs “day to day operations”.

Mentoring CTO

Mentoring CTO

Lighter-weight CTO role, typically to round out a more technical VP Engineering.

CTO + VP Engineering

Fractional or FTE Technical VP Eng from ScalePoynt team, super-charged with
fractional CTO executive leadership.

What Do You Get From Our Executive CTOs?

Check out one of our talks on how our executive CTOs know how to “come in, quickly setup, and run an engineering organization”.
This example is on the security aspect of Engineering, but do the same for architecture, roadmaps, teams/talent, etc.

Technology Decisions You Can Rely On

Technology Decisions You Can Rely On

Making the wrong tech decision is extremely costly to your burn rate, and often your headcount. We leverage our expertise from leaders that have done this before, to make the right decision at the right time, and explained in a way that gives the entire executive & engineering teams confidence.

Executive Presence: Roadmaps & Budgets You Can Trust

Executive Presence: Roadmaps & Budgets You Can Trust

Your key partnerships, customers, and growth rely on accurate technology planning, delivery, security, and scalability. We round out your technology group with professional executives that help give you a roadmap and budget you can rely on (and everything hands-on needed to make sure that

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Meet a few members of our hands-on, executive roster.  Our CTO/VP executive team are well-seasoned, hands-on, and like to “work with purpose”.  

They’re motivated to get things done, be a part of successful growth stories, and make a real difference.  That’s how we keep them with ScalePoynt, and ready & available for your leadership teams.

Steve Henry

Steve Henry

Steve provides executive and technical leadership at the CTO level. What both your executive team & eng department need to feel confident.

Osazee Igbinosun

Osazee Igbinosun

Osa is a proven, dedicated and techncial VP Engineering with a passion for getting things done.

Adam White

Adam White

Adam is a strong, technical leader that understands the value of pragmatic discipline and coupling product close with engineering.

Hear From Your Fellow Founders

Trust is a big step to develop, with the best new relationships often starting from recommendations and referrals.

See what some of the founders and executives we worked with have to share about their journey, both with us and their own startup.

“ScalePoynt brought to me the highest level of efficiency I could get, and peace of mind during my off-time.”

Osazee Igbinosun

Osazee Igbinosun


Osazee Igbinosun
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“The best thing thing to do is just take the trusted recommendation of people who have gone through that process before.”

Aly Dhalla

Aly Dhalla

CEO & Co-Founder, Finaeo

Aly Dhalla
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Frequently Asked Questions

Engineering is a major feat, and a heavy burden on whatever leadership you have in place. Especially as security, offshoring, scaling, refactoring, hiring, cost constraints, and regular day-to-day pile up. We often find it helpful to allow existing leadership / management to focus on day-to-day operations, and augment them with hands-on executive and strategic leadership — so you never have to second guess technology decisions again.

Every founder & CEO knows that fundraising is a whole major initiative into itself; often taken out without involving the current VP Eng/CTO. We find additional help on the technology planning and pitch with your board updates, investor discussions, diligence, deck preparation, and budgeting can be extremely helpful for what matters most: getting & keeping money in the bank.

We work on long-term engagements (12-month contracts). We’re here to get to know your organization, your leaders and team, and operate as one of your own that you can trust and rely on. We want to make sure technology is something no one in org ever second guesses again.

Short answer is that we try to provide flexilibity to help lead or augment your existing setup. There’s a big difference between “scaling up / looking to the future” and “running the day to day”. Its easy for us to fix the latter (so you can manage that yourself), then focus on the former. Best answer is to grab a chat with us, and we’ll help find a solution that best serves the outcomes you’re looking for.

No one wants to pay for “strategic guidance”. Grab a call with us, that’s a simple conversation and we’ll give you that advice for free. We are staffed with real operators that know how to come in, redirect the ship, and steer it in the right direction. Success for us looks like you hitting your roadmap, on time and on budget, and day to day running smoothly.

Don’t miss on engineering delivery again. Round out your executive technology leadership with proven leaders that can help level up the entire organization.

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