“Tech decisions that will still be right in 3-5 years”.

Executive CTO.

Nowadays, SaaS startups don’t have time to guess with technology.
They need a CTO that’s been there, and done it before.


What Should I Expect From a CTO?

A modern CTO speaks business, and be trusted with the biggest tech decisions.

Bad tech decisions can sink you.

Most mistakes made early on are never fixed.
That roadmap you never hit? This is why.

Adam White

What’s the impact of bad tech decisions?

Adam White, CTO

CTO understands the business.

Our first job is to be an executive.
Accurate Roadmaps & Budgets are a must.


What’s different between CTO & VP Eng?

Steve Henry, CEO

12 Month

Quarterly Initiatives


Exec Updates

For CEO & Board



Scalable & Secure



Stable Platform


How To Get Started

Duty #1: Technical Executive

How To Start

Design your AWS architecture before anyone starts building it.


1. Make sure nothing happens in AWS that you didn’t sign off on in advance.

2. Identical Dev, Staging & Prod environments.

When You’re Done

You’ll have a clear, scalable design for your teams to build.

Duty #2: Business Executive

How To Start

Build a 12 month Roadmap, and a monthly Executive Update.
And make them look nice.


1. 12 Month Roadmap with 3-5 initiatives & quarterly milestones.

2. Learn what’s happen in Sales, Finance, Fundraising & Product.

When You’re Done

You can show on 1-Pagers what Engineering is building, and how it aligns with Fundraising & customer needs.

Duty #3: Cost & Budgets

How To Start

Get your CEO to share their Operating Plan with you.
This is the single biggest thing the board & investors talk about.


1. Understand the Operating Plan, Fundraising Metrics & progress.

2. Provide & track budgets for Headcount, AWS, & Vendors.

When You’re Done

You’ll know how the business is doing. Pending how it performs, you can have a say in  scaling Engineering up (or down) .

Duty #4: Org Planning

How To Start

Build an Org chart, identify key leaders you have, and key expertise you need.


1. Find your “Lieutenants” for: Delivery, Security, DevOps, Support.

2. Identify gaps, and what outside expertise you need.

When You’re Done

You point Engineering in the right direction, and it keeps going on its own.

How ScalePoynt Does It

CTO Mentor

“Help my First-Time CTO or Technical VP Eng Grow”

Mentor + Oversight

Executive CTO

“I Need Tech Decisions We Can 100% Count On”

Technical Executive

Business Executive

4 ScalePoynt “Secrets to Success”

We want Security to run smoothly, and not be an ongoing “compliance pain”.
Here’s a few pieces of our “secret sauce” to make sure that happens.

SIG Lite

SIG Lite

Your 70+ page “Security Bible” for your complete security posture. Why?
Prospects. Show the Table of Contents as a quick demo to prospects to show your security is real.
Auditors. You’ll use this to knock off half the 220+ items in your SOC-2 audit.

Rollout Plan

Rollout Plan

We’ve templated this from top to bottom for SaaS startups.
So, you can keep your team focused on roadmap.
You can track our progress in your tools, but we need very little of your involvement until we “go live”.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security Templates

Half of the security work is your AWS setup.
Our DevOps Team automates your AWS rollout with 45 Terraform modules. Fast, scalable, secure.
Doing this yourself would take years (as it did for us to build) — deploying it takes mere hours.

Customer CISO

Customer CISO

It makes a meaningful difference when you can tell your prospective customers “just ask my Security CISO”.
We make sure you show up prepared, have sales material for security, answer your questionnaires, and help review contracts as well.

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Ask an Executive

Technology done right makes a huge difference.
Our Portfolio Executives share what they valued most.

“ScalePoynt brought to me the highest level of efficiency I could get, and peace of mind during my off-time.”

Osazee Igbinosun

Osa Igbinosun

CTO, Obsidi

Osazee Igbinosun
Play Video about Osazee Igbinosun

FAQ: The Little Details That Matter

Engineering is a major feat, and a heavy burden on whatever leadership you have in place. Especially as security, offshoring, scaling, refactoring, hiring, cost constraints, and regular day-to-day pile up. We often find it helpful to allow existing leadership / management to focus on day-to-day operations, and augment them with hands-on executive and strategic leadership — so you never have to second guess technology decisions again.

Every founder & CEO knows that fundraising is a whole major initiative into itself; often taken out without involving the current VP Eng/CTO. We find additional help on the technology planning and pitch with your board updates, investor discussions, diligence, deck preparation, and budgeting can be extremely helpful for what matters most: getting & keeping money in the bank.

We work on long-term engagements (12-month contracts). We’re here to get to know your organization, your leaders and team, and operate as one of your own that you can trust and rely on. We want to make sure technology is something no one in org ever second guesses again.

Short answer is that we try to provide flexilibity to help lead or augment your existing setup. There’s a big difference between “scaling up / looking to the future” and “running the day to day”. Its easy for us to fix the latter (so you can manage that yourself), then focus on the former. Best answer is to grab a chat with us, and we’ll help find a solution that best serves the outcomes you’re looking for.

No one wants to pay for “strategic guidance”. Grab a call with us, that’s a simple conversation and we’ll give you that advice for free. We are staffed with real operators that know how to come in, redirect the ship, and steer it in the right direction. Success for us looks like you hitting your roadmap, on time and on budget, and day to day running smoothly.