Meet our ecosystem of
Trusted Partners

We believe that a reliable, repeatable, trusted ecosystem is critical to building your business.

We aim for a “one partner for everything” approach (we believe there is more value in providing you with reliable decisions, as opposed to a handful of options).

These are the partners and communities that we work with; have pre-negotiated deals for ventures with; and trust on what they can deliver.


Cloud Hosting

AWS is our preferred cloud hosting provider, and we are Select Partners.  This is best suited for linux-based hosting, and the largest availability of talent in the workforce that know how to develop on it.  ScalePoynt maintains core expertise in this area, as well as internal access to AWS resources & funding.




DataDog is our recommended partner for platform monitoring (APM).  You use this to gain insights into your live platform, errors, request tracing, and basic log aggregation.


Offshore Development

Delphi is one of our long-term European partners for software development.  The entire dev teams we help setup speak English, and are located in Ukraine, Poland, and Portugal.  We have pre-negotiated contracts, rates, working hours, and team sizing adjustments.



Referral Hiring

HiveFive is our recommended partner for growing your teams through referrals.  Every team member onboarded can quickly run through a set of colleagues they know, and effective “swipe” to recommend.  Far cheaper and long-term retention than solely recruiting.




MaRS is our incubation partner for startups in Canada.  We work as an Advisor to assist higher growth ventures, and with potential new venture intakes.  MaRS is a great resource for access to programs, discounts, market intelligence, investors, and advice.




CVCA is a venture capital and private equity association in Canada we retain membership in.  They insights into investment activities, and access to VC and PE investors.

sumo logic

Log Aggregator


SumoLogic is one of our recommended partners for log aggregation.  Once your platform is live and has meaningful usage on it, you need a centralized and clear way to monitor and troubleshoot issues on it.  This works infinitely better when you diligently tailor your error codes, JSON logs, and log messages.

Lyrical Security

Pen Testing


Lyrical Security is our recommended partner for penetration testing, as well as more advanced security services.  You’ll need an annual pen test for SOC-2 and security diligence with B2B customers, and starting from Series A onward, more advanced services will be well aligned with your growth.


Questionnaire Automation

Loopio is our recommended partner for security questionnaire automation.  Once you start receiving 3-5+ questionnaires a month, this tool can make alot of sense to speed up sales cycles and free up your engineering leadership.  We also set it up to auto-generate your centralized SIG Lite security posture, and assist with SOC-2 auditors.

Open Finance Network Canada

Open Finance Network Canada


API Banking

OFNC is our partner for open banking initiatives in Canada.  The aim of open banking is to standardize access to banks (via APIs), allowing not just for easier innovation, but secure and controlled sharing of banking information (eg. as opposed to screen scraping).




Pavilion (formerly Revenue Collective) is a community we keep executive membership in, focused on on sales and revenue.  This gives us access to revenue leadership insights, executive and associate-level talent, and great sounding boards for tangible sales & revenue strategies.




IN-SEC-M is a security-focused community we keep membership in.  Through IN-SEC-M, we are able to provide some of our security offerings for Canadian startups discounted via government grant funding.

Kiwanis toronto



Kiwanis is a global charity organization, with the Toronto chapter focused more locally in that region.  We are volunteer partners with them, helping them build out their technology infrastructure so they can provide easier and more efficient access to the children & charity organizations they support.

NC Tech

North Carolina Tech Association



NC Tech is the leading technology community in North Carolina for bringing together startups, enterprises, and tech talent.  We are members and providing workshops, thought leadership, and advisory services to the community as we work to expand our footprint in NC.