Playbook #2: Go To Market Pricing

Part 1: Top 5 Biggest Mistakes in Startup SaaS Pricing

Your SaaS pricing is critical not only to your fundraising efforts, but to keep yourself afloat in between funding rounds.  BUT, this isn’t something to wait until Series A to start thinking about, this mindset & approach matters right from Day 1.

#1. Subscriptions vs. Licenses.

#2. Usage-Based & Transactional Pricing.

#3. Monthly Subscriptions.

#4. Termination Clauses.

#5. Scalable Pricing & Discounts.

Part 2: How To Build Scalable SaaS Pricing

“Unit economics” are the name of the game, if you want to fundraise or build a sustainable software business.  Which means, you SaaS pricing that starts affordable, then scales up with adoption and usage.  Let’s see how to do that.

#1. 3 Tiers.

#2. Self Subscriptions.

#3. Scalable Pricing Units.

#4. Dedicated Support.

#5. Pricing Visibility.

#6. 3 Tiers.

#7. Fees.

#8. Discounts.

#9. Single Tenant vs. Multi-Tenant.

#10. Whitelabeling.

Part 3. How To Know What My Startup Is Worth

In B2B SaaS, enterprise SaaS deals are often your bread and butter when it comes to scaling, unit economics, and profitability.  Let’s talk about to how land a enterprise deals, then grow them into long-term, 6-figure accounts.

#1. Affordable Entry Point.

#2. Enterprise Customers & Enterprise Tiers.

#3. Scale Stages.

#4. Budget Cycles.

#5. Decision Makers.