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How "Security-First" Startups Unblock Sales Cycles

Posted: Oct 28, 2020


As a startup founder, you live and breathe the importance of closing sales deals quickly so you can show the VC world your traction in the market and growth multiples.


In today’s world of security and privacy, your biggest deals and partnerships often grind to a halt when the dreaded customer InfoSec questionnaires come up.


To set yourself up for a successful fundraising round and land that next raise, you know your key targets to hit:

  • Get your platform and new, critical customer features to market as fast as you can
  • Maximize your time in market to help show the user & revenue (or GMV) growth month-over-month and quarter-over-quarter
  • Focus on sales, product roadmap delivery, and customer growth/retention


While valuable and important to your company and your customers, Security is an additional burden that startups are being mandated to face by their key customers & partner prospects.

And to add to that challenge, Enterprise customers do not treat startups vs. enterprise customers any differently when it comes to security & 3rd party vendor risk assessments.

Challenge #1: As a startup, you need to look & feel like a well established enterprise when it comes to security.

Startups across the board are finding it very difficult to focus on their aggressive roadmap & growth targets, while also learning, hiring, implementing and maintaining and enterprise-quality Security Program.

Challenge #2: It’s not within you nor staff’s expertise to build & run your own Security Program.

Challenge #3: It is not obvious who to hire for this, nor how you can afford that level of expertise.


ScalePoynt partners with early stage startups to take Security off your plate — permanently.

Security for SaaS tech companies is not that unique. We have templated this full end-to-end rollout, tailored specifically for the needs of early stage startups, so you implement only what you need, when you need it — while still providing best-in-class security your customers can trust (and will accept in a security audit).

ScalePoynt provides a 3-part framework to this:
1. Only work with the best. ScalePoynt provides top tier, local talent and SMEs that have done this before.

2. Don’t start from scratch. Our proprietary ScalePoynt Playbooks provide the templates and automation to rapidly roll this out, and get your secure fast.

3. Be secure. Right from the start. We bake security into your organization and your platform from the ground up. At a price you can afford.


As a startup, you need to build the best possible team to help you hit your growth targets, deliver your product roadmap, and be loved by your customers.

For non-core areas like Security, ScalePoynt helps you:
1. Have the long-term partnership for rollout and ongoing support that helps you focus on what matters most.
2. Be security-first right from the start.
3. Make sure Security is something you never have to worry about again.

See our offering for this

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