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QuickStart Accelerators

Fixed price offerings. Fast. Affordable. "Buy an Outcome". All include knowledge transfer, with fully managed & fractional support available.

Fractional Executive

Hands-on, fractional Executive.

  • Technical and strategic advisor specializing in GTM, Partnerships, Enterprise Customers & Security.
  • Fractional support from expert partners with a proven track record.
  • Soundboard your ideas & challenges. Then get HANDS-ON help rolling it out.
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Managed DevOps

Rapid setup & support of security-first DevOps.

  • Rapid rollout & management of SOC-2 and HIPAA-compliant infrastructure & CI/CD DevOps pipelines.
  • We'll get you to market fast... then train, mentor, and hand-off to your team when you're ready.
  • Local, expert talent. Cheaper & faster than doing it in-house.
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Managed Security

Fully managed rollout & support of security processes & audits.

  • As a CEO or VP Sales, never worry about customer security demands & audits again.
  • You're not the first to do this -- run the playbook and use proven templates tailored to your org.
  • Fully managed rollout of security processes, procedures, and ongoing monthly, quarterly & annual security tasks.
  • Fractional CISO: Fully managed security audit handling, and customer-facing CISO.
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Build your own

Advanced Offerings

Custom tailored offerings to common scale-up challenges.

Customer 360

Get an end-to-end view of your customer

Setup and integrate:
  • Leads (CRM)
  • Onboarding
  • Platform Usage
  • Support Ticketing
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Scalable Architecture

We've built something that works -- now we need it to scale

Get the expertise from ScalePoynt CTOs and VPs on:
  • Scalable architecture
  • Moving to microservices (properly)
  • 24/7 stability
  • Identify & fix problems fast (root cause analysis)
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Cloud Migration

Keep your business running while we help modernize it

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Setup and integrate:
  • Modern cloud architecture
  • Live system migration
  • Knowledge transfer
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Fractional Leadership

You don't have do it all yourself. Find a Trusted Partner. The "Trusted Partner" program provides expertise from active C-Level Executives that act as strategy and operations partners as you grow.


  • Technical & strategic advisory.
  • Go-to-market (GTM) planning. Maximize revenues across market segments.Price & sell into enterprise.
  • Partner channel planning & support.
  • Fundraising & runway/financial operating planning.


  • Translate the "technical lay-of-the-lands" to the CEO & C-Suite.
  • Need fractional or interim support? Fractional CTO, CPO, CISO, CSO roles from industry experts. Have a CTO / VP Eng?
  • Great. Give them a soundboard from a fellow CTO, and help translating tech needs into business needs.

People & Org

  • Org planning. Decide the right people you need & when. And (if you're keen), help finding them.
  • Adjusting to a fully-remote environment.
  • Setting up offshore & hybrid models.
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