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How We Partner: Shared Responsibility Model

Posted: Sep 16, 2021


As a startup founder, you have a great vision & idea that you want to bring to life.
There’s VC’s all over to help you with funding… talent all over to help build your teams…

But who is there to help you build this like a real business, make the right decisions for the stage you are at, and get it right the first time?


ScalePoynt’s mission is to fill that gap, and provide “business-in-a-box” solutions to startups so they can get to market fast, and focus 100% on their customer.

With early stage startups, we see the same common challenges:

  • Getting to market as fast as possible
  • Shortage of specialized expertise & talent
  • Product roadmap deliverables consistently missed, often due to (in our opinion) unnecessary re-work & “tech debt”.

How We Partner

ScalePoynt has a Shared Responsibility Model to offload your non-core but essential tasks team of experts that will make sure these are never your problem to worry about again.

We have compiled decades of startup & enterprise expertise to develop our ScalePoynt Playbooks that allow us to template & automate all the common elements of your AWS cloud SaaS platform that every startup needs.

These Playbooks, coupled with our local, top-tier talent, provides you with:

  • The platform foundation to go from “zero to launched” in as fast as 6 weeks
  • Our Security-First design that meets the needs of every customer security questionnaire & SOC-2 audit, and
  • Makes your development & CI/CD process so streamlined that your Engineering team is never wasting time troubleshooting the foundational setup nor on silly, never-ending environment issues, and instead are laser-focus on Product Roadmap deliverables.

See our Shared Responsibility Model below:



Get the mature expertise & out-of-the-box designs you need to keep your developers focused and your customers confident in your security & ability to delivery.

Give us a shout to see what we’ve learned from our own startup and our customers’ experiences going through the same challenges you are right now.

See our offering for this

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