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ScalePoynt Solutions Hire your own
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What we do How we do it
ScalePoynt Solutions Professional Startup Builders. DevOps, Security,
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What we do How we do it

What Does ScalePoynt Do

We believe there is a better way to build startups, combining the power of your growing team with Professional SMEs that have done it before, and can literally start tomorrow.
Don't make your Core Team try and figure every single thing out from scratch. Bring in longer-term Professional SME teams to build and run your critical infrastructure, giving your folks space to focus on product, roadmap and customers.


AWS DevOps

  • We build & fully manage your AWS infrastructure & CI/CD.
  • We operate like part of your team: your tools, your systems, you own it all.
  • Dedicated North American Senior AWS DevOps SMEs.
  • We setup your AWS to scale, Terraformed, SOC-2-ready.
  • AWS Select Partner.


  • Customers pushing you on security? We make every aspect of that problem go away.
  • Our templated rapid-rollout processes & procedures are customized to your startup.
  • Customer-facing CISO.
  • Fully managed customer security questionnaires.
  • SOC-2 planning & support.

Fractional Executives

  • Fractional CISO making sure security never blocks sales.
  • Growth challenges: pricing strategies, selling into enterprise, GTM, offshore setup.
  • VCs & IPOs: Fundraising preparation & intros.
  • CTO / VP Eng executive mentorship: give them a partner to work with & help them grow.
What We Do How We Do It
Osazee Igbinosun

ScalePoynt makes achieving your goals and dreams seamless and easy. From the professional advice to the spirit of collaboration and the need to provide solutions to all challenges faced as we built this platform. I look forward to more things to achieve together!

Osazee Igbinosun

Head of Engineering, Black Professionals in Tech Network

ScalePoynt helped us complete our first security questionnaire for a large insurance company and implement security best practices. He also helped me vet our software engineering candidates and troubleshoot software development issues. I would highly recommend ScalePoynt to anyone.

Jennifer Good

CEO, Co-Founder, Peacefully

Working with the ScalePoynt was exactly what we needed to achieve the outcomes we were looking for. They put together a fantastic security process and package which helped us close several enterprise partnerships. Their guidance and support were exceptionally professional and we enjoyed our time working with the team. We would work with them again and highly recommend their services! Thank you, ScalePoynt!

Aly Dhalla

Founder & CEO, Finaeo

Steve and the ScalePoynt team were able to come in and help support Uplinq at a time when we needed it the most. I enjoyed working with Steve and valued the leadership and confidence he instilled for our company with the market very much.

Ron Benegbi

Founder & CEO, Uplinq

Use Cases

Expertise On-Demand

  • Available now. Hiring top expertise in market takes 4-9 months, and they often leave a year later. Get started right now, with confidence.
  • Savings. Get more for less. Top talent, available now, and avoid those 30% recruiting fees.
  • Secure & scalable. Designed specifically for SaaS startups, so it scales from day 1, and SOC-2-ready out-of-the-box.
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B2B Sales to Banks & Insurance

  • Use case. "My biggest customer sales cycles are being blocked/slowed by security, and it's chewing up alot of time from me & my CTO."
  • Solution. We take this entire problem off your plate. End to end. Processes & procedures, tech infrastructure, and everything customer-facing.
  • How. We template this so its fast and affordable for startups, then tailor it so it runs smootly and affordably in the background.
What We Do

Affordable Pricing

Start-up Discounts

  • Pre-Seed & Seed Stage discounting that startups can afford
  • Cheaper than hiring in-house


  • Local staffing
  • Specialized expertise you need right away, without having to recruit your own FTEs
  • Delivery, training, support, and mentorship
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