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ScalePoynt Managed DevOps

Posted: Jul 24, 2021



SaaS platform development for startups is plagued with re-work, invetiably delaying your roadmap, increasing cost of headcount, leaving security risks, and risking instability & scale issues in your platform.


ScalePoynt helps startups by providing 4 major benefits:
– Rapid rollout of your infrastructure & environments
– Security-first design that is SOC-2 and HIPAA-ready
– Built from the ground-up for scale and high availability
– Fully managed design, rollout and support


With Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A customers, we frequently find common themes driving their AWS DevOps:
– Need to get a new platform to market quickly
– Enterprise customers are giving us detailed Security Audits, and we need our AWS cloud platform to meet those requirements

ScalePoynt helps by taking DevOps and Security fully off our customers’ hands, with a rapid, turn-key rollout. We allow our customers to focus on product and engineering development, while we rollout the AWS infrastrucutre, environments, and CI/CD in parallel.

We find that SaaS cloud environments are best suited to the same, industry best practices design — with a small amount of tailoring to each customer. While these designs are non-trivial, our ScalePoynt IP has templated them so we roll them out using Terraform automation, and offer enterprise-level designs to startup companies, and meet the security needs and forward-looking scale for their customers and users.

Best Practices

Let’s look at industry-leading best practices for your environments, infrastructure, and databases. There are meant to ensure you are setup for scale, availability, and meet & exceed expectations in customer security audits.

– Separate AWS accounts for each environment (DEV, QA, PROD).
– AWS Organizations and SSO used for secure, centralized login and role-based access control.
– Centralized billing roll-up to your Master AWS account.
– Multiple availability zones (AZs) per environment.

– All microservices hosted in ECS for auto-scaling and high availability, fronted by AWS ALB load balancers.
– Service tier and Data tier in private subnets, encrypted in transit and at rest.
– Fast page loading with CloudFront CDN caching your assets and pages hosted in AWS S3.
– Infrastructure fully automated with Terraform, ensuring consistency across environments, and an automated ability to spin up regions in new countries if required by your customers.

– Databases fully managed by AWS RDS (most popular is Aurora Postgres).
– Databases encrypted at rest, with daily encrypted snapshots and weekly encrypted full backups.
– Database logging enabled to CloudWatch for troubleshooting, and monitoring enabled for visibility.
– Setup on single “t” instances in lower environments to save on cost, and properly sized production instances with high availability.
– Automated patching and updates at night, managed automatically by failover across the HA instances.



ScalePoynt’s AWS DevOps Playbook helps you:
– Get to market fast
– Leverage industry-leading expertise to ensure you get it right the first time and avoid future re-work
– Setup stable, scalable platform infrastructure for your customers
– Speed up your sales cycles with AWS platform security that will pass customer security audits on the first pass

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